ARP Rocker Arm Stud Kit


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Socket Size(s) 3/8 12pt, 1/8 Allen
Installed Height 1.460˝
Adjuster Thread Length 0.500˝
Adjuster Diameter-Pitch 5/16-24
Screw-in Depth 1.100˝
Screw-in Diameter-Pitch M8 x 1.25

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ARP is the undisputed world leader in automotive fasteners. ARP bolts, studs, nuts, fasteners, cylinder heads, headers, and wheels are made for high-performance machines. Their durability and strength stand the test of time. ARP engineers ensure that every piece will outperform any other fastener on the market today. That’s why so many top engine builders rely on ARP racing products to hold their engines together. JEGS keeps an extensive inventory of ARP products on hand at all times and sells them at the lowest everyday price. ARP is your best choice for high-performance fasteners. arp234-7207

Stud-mounted rocker arms are the middle option between pedestal-mounted (fine for stock applications) and shaft-mounted (a hardcore racing option for vehicles operating at over 7,000 rpm) rocker arms. They are pressed or threaded into the top of the cylinder head, and the rocker’s arms are attached to the top. These rocker arm studs resist the valve train flexing generated by higher horsepower and can be adjusted for ideal geometry. arp234-7207


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