B&M Cast Aluminum Deep Trans Pan 6L80

B&M Cast Aluminum Deep Trans Pan 6L80

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  • Holds 1.8 qts of additional fluid
  • 30%+ Improved Cooling Efficiency
  • Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Temp. Sensor Port
  • Stainless Mounting Hardware Included
  • Cast K-Alloy Aluminum
  • Internally and Externally Finned

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The B&M 6L80 Automatic Transmission Cast Aluminum Deep Trans Pan was designed to add 1.8 US quarts of additional fluid capacity to the 6L80 transmission. It boasts an over 30 percent improved cooling efficiency over the stock transmission pan by using a proprietary K-Alloy cast aluminum with internal and external cooling fins for increased surface area and heat transfer. The pan includes a magnetic drain plug, temperature sensor port, stock magnet hold down, and stainless steel mounting hardware. The cooling fins of the pan sit just 3/4 In. lower than the stock pan to take advantage of cooler air passing underneath the vehicle. Heat is the number one enemy to any automatic transmission and this B&M Cast Aluminum Deep Pan will help keep heat under control.

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