DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors

DW Fuel Injector Size 90lb/hr – 2000CC/mm

DeatschWerks has built the most comprehensive injector offering in the industry. The DW line-up covers high impedance, low impedance, GDI, EFI, side feed, and top feed. DW not only works directly with Bosch Performance to deliver a complete EV14 line up, but also offers Denso, SMP, JECS, and Delphi options.

DW high flow fuel injectors are only offered in balanced sets processed through our multi-point dynamic flow testing system. This system replicates the dynamic frequencies and pulse widths your injectors experience in your high performance engine to create a set of injectors balanced to within 2% flow variation across the low, transitional, and linear ranges of pulse widths.
DW knows that proper data is required for proper tuning. All DW injectors are fully characterized in-house via SAE J1832 standards. Injector data is available in General Characterization Summaries and Application Specific formats. See website for details.

All DW injectors are backed with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.


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Purchase and earn 699-1589 LSXOnly Points worth $6.99-$15.89! *Must be logged in.

DW Injectors combine Precision, Fitment, Data, and Value to maximize your performance outcome

DeatschWerks pioneered the application specific fitment approach to high performance fuel injectors in 2005 when “universal” was the standard.  This passion for innovation has continued over the years and has culminated in the current line up which represents the most comprehensive and best-supported injector line in the industry.


Most Comprehensive Offering

Fuel injectors are not a one-size-fits-all type of product.  The right fuel injector must combine the elements of fitment, coil impedance, flow rate, and tuning data into one injector specific to your engines needs. This is a lot to ask an injector line up consisting of only a handful of options.  In addition to a full EV14 line with flow rates from 440cc to 2200cc, the DW line consists of many unique injector offerings that our competitors neglect…

  • Low impedance up to 1700cc
  • Sidefeed Injectors up to 1000cc
  • Gasoline Direct Injectors
  • Brands from Denso, SMP, Hitachi, and Delphi
  • 6 different electrical connector configurations

An offering this comprehensive can be difficult to navigate.  Knowing this, DW has maintained an application-specific approach to fuel injectors to make shopping a simple 3 step process…

  1. Use the calculators to find the flow you need
  2. Use the YMM look up to find your part numbers
  3. Use the support tab to find your tuning data

Proper Data is a Must

The right tool, used incorrectly, yields substandard results at best.  Fuel injectors follow this same universal law.  Proper data is required for proper tuning.  All DW injectors are fully characterized in-house via SAE J1832 standards.  Injector data is available in General Characterization Summaries and Application Specific formats.  Using the data is easy.  Often it is cut and paste from the DW excel sheet to the tuning software.

Development of accurate injector data is a complex process, but there are no shortcuts to a proper calibration.  DW has developed specially designed and calibrated flow benches utilizing digital flow meters, which are required to measure the precise fuel mass needed for proper characterizations.  The data acquisition process consists of collecting over 450 data points per injector part number.  These data points cover pulse widths, pressures, and voltages that the injectors will experience once installed in your engine. The collected data is statically analyzed, scrubbed and formatted into a General Characterization Summary.  This Summary can then be formatted into application specific formats for different makes, models, and tuning platforms.  The application specific data is then in-car optimized by one of our tuning partners.

Dynamic Flow Matching

Quality injectors mated to proper calibration data will still perform poorly as a system if the injector set is not properly flow matched.  The DW dynamic flow matching process ensures each set works together as a system to fuel your engine properly.  Fuel injectors do not operate in a static state so why test them in a static state? In the engine, fuel injectors are a very dynamic component, constantly changing frequencies and pulse widths to precisely deliver the fuel needed. The DW multi-point dynamic flow testing process mimics these conditions by testing at multiple pulse widths within each of the ranges below…

  • Low Range (1-2 milliseconds) – Low pulse widths are used during idle, light throttle cruising, and deceleration. However, expensive electronic flow meters are required for accurate testing in this range so few companies actually balance their injectors this low. Low pulse width balancing is crucial for a smooth idle on large injectors.
  • Transitional Range (2-4 milliseconds) – The transitional range covers the pulse widths that typically make up the non-linear range of injectors. Although most DW injectors are linear well into the low pw range, transitional balance is important because many high flow injectors spend a majority of time in this range.
  • Linear Range (4-10+ milliseconds) – The linear range pulse widths are used during medium and high load conditions. Proper balancing in this range allows for advanced timing and increased boost pressure to yield higher and safer peak horsepower.
  • Static Flow – Many companies that balance their injectors only test at static flow.In the engine, injectors do not operate at a static state.However, the static rate is still considered the “call-size” of the injector.


Product support is extremely important at DW.  Modern fuel systems are a complex arrangement of integrated components that must all be working together to function properly.  One out of spec component can cause significant issue for an otherwise properly engineered system.  DW provides customer support in various ways…

  • Phone and Email Support – the DW support team is at your service to help with a variety of needs that may arise. Contact us for technical support, order tracking, services information, or any other product related need you may have.
  • On-line Calculators – The DW online tools and calculators can help you choose the right products for your build.
  • Injector Characterization Data – DW offers both general and application specific tuning data. This is a essential resouce for a proper tune. See our support tab to find the data for your injectors

r @ 43 PSI. In addition, these injectors are high-impedance. Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths and have been used in ULEV applications! This allows you to use a larger injector than normally possible without hurting idle and low speed drivability. Adding to the flexibility of application, these units are high-impedance; making them compatible with most ECUs, while delivering the most flow available in a High-Impedance injector. These injectors represent the most current engineering and are used on many high power turbo and supercharged oem applications including the GM LS9 engine.

These injectors are able to function at high fuel pressures and don�t exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems found with many other high flow high-impedance injectors. This makes these injectors very well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications that see high fuel system pressures and in fact, that is exactly what they were designed for!

Engine performance and running quality are enhanced through the optimized spray pattern. Unlike competitors �pencil stream� high flow injectors; these High Flow injectors utilize a multi-orifice tip for improved mixture preparation and atomization. This results in lower BSFC and better idle quality than many injectors with less flow.

Features: – Made for high pressure turbo & supercharged applications
– EV6 / USCAR Connector – OEM LS9, LS2, LSA
– Excellent response characteristics
– Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance Compatibility 12 Ohms
– Spray Pattern: Aligned bent cone, (6 orifice)
– Viton upper and 15mm lower o-rings
– Overall Length: 50.3mm
– Dimensions: 33.5mm o-ring seat to seat, 37.5mm o-ring centerline to centerline
– Flow rating 63 LBS per hour at 43 PSI

Injector Size

90lb/hr, 1500cc/mm, 2000cc/mm


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