Eagle Crankshaft 4.000 Stroke Forged

  • Highlights:
    • material: forged 4140 steel
    • intended balance: internal
    • target bobweight: 1800g
    • stroke: 4.000″
    • rod journal: 2.1″
    • rod journal width: 1.900″
    • main journals: 2.559″
    • minimum rod length: 6.100″
    • typical weight: 56 lbs.
    • rear seal diameter: call
    • snout diameter: 1.48″
    • flywheel bolts: 6
    • pilot bore diameter: call
    • flywheel register diameter: call
    • reluctor: 24 tooth



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Eagle specializes in crankshafts, connecting rods, and rotating assemblies. With a smoother surface than competitor products, Eagle components allow better oil flow for improved lubrication and reduced wear.

Eagle Crankshafts feature exceptional strength and quality at a reasonable price. Eagle cranks are forged in a non-twist forging and undergo a multi-stage heat treatment process as well as stress relieving, shot peening, and nitriding. They are magna-fluxed and sonic tested to insure quality. Every journal is micro-polished to a 3 or better R.A. On all journals, a 0.125” radius is used to increase strength, so chamfered bearings must be used. The perfect choice for engines up to 1500HP!

*4340 Steel Crankshafts* Eagle forged 4340 steel crankshafts are forged from SAE 4340 steel, feature a non-twist forging, multi-stage heat treat process, stress relieving, shot-peening, and nitriding for superior strength and reliability in the most demanding applications. Each journal is micro-polished to a 3 r.a. or better. A .125” radius is used to increase strength, so chamfered bearings must be used. All use a Ford rod journal width regardless of journal diameter. All are designed for internal balance. These are the perfect choice for applications up to 1500 hp. Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts are also available in ‘Lightweight’ versions – Counterweights are knife-edged for reduced weight and less windage. Typical weight reduction is 5-6 lbs.

*Cast Steel Crankshafts* Eagle cast steel crankshafts offer an excellent alternative to a factory cast crank. All radii are .092” so O.E. style bearings can be used. Target bobweight is +/- 2% GUARANTEED! Recommended for use up to 500hp. Designed for 28 in-oz. external balance. EAG434640006100 EAG434640006100


3.622, 4.000


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This product fits the following vehicles

Item may also fit vehicles not listed below.

Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2004 - 2007 Cadillac CTS-V 6.0
2005 - 2013 Chevy Corvette All
2008 - 2009 Pontiac G8 6.0/6.2
2009 - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V 6.2L
2010 - 2015 Chevy Camaro 6.2L
2014 - 2017 Chevy SS 6.2L LS3

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