CROSS-RAM LS3 (1500-7000 RPM)
Designed for Gen IV engines with LS3, L92 and L76 rectangular port cylinder heads. The Cross-Ram LS3 is ideal for anybody looking to combine great looks and outstanding performance between 1,500 – 7,000 rpm. The unique dual-plenum design features 13″ long runners with flanges that will accept two, 90mm GM LS3 throttle bodies. The unique cross-ram dual-plenum design is ideal for twin turbo applications. When matched with high flowing air filters and inlet tubes, the dual-plenum system gives neck-snapping performance with plenty of options for engine builders and tuners. Dyno testing resulted with gains of 27 horsepower and 28 ft-lbs. of torque over a popular aftermarket manifold.
Edelbrock Throttle Body Recommendation THROTTLE BODY RECOMMENDATIONS: 2x GM LS# 90mm.
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: Use Edelbrock fuel rail kit #3654. Uses LS3/L76 style individual port o-ring seals GM PN19256623. For replacement plenum gaskets use Edelbrock #7271. Manifold height: A-9.35″, B-8.01″, C-17.50″, D-2.65″ E-0° vertical x 5° inward; Port exit dimensions: 1.19″ x 2.48″. For the heights of all Edelbrock manifolds, please visit the the Manifold Reference Dimensions page.