Speedmaster Camaro Gen 5 Camaro Heavy Duty Load Bolt IRS Differential Rear Cover (5th Gen Diff)

Product Details

PCE’s heavy duty IRS differential covers incorporate the factory chassis mount, being made out of high tensile aluminum alloy it eliminates case distortion and controls unwanted gear deflection. PCE’s case also provides additional clearance for lower gear ratios, It allows aftermarket main caps and main cap stud kits to be installed. It also features additional fluid capacity which results in reduced operating temperatures. Also includes: Correct Mounting fasteners.

*Fits the 5th Gen Camaro Differential – MODIFICATION/SHAVING is required to fit the G8!! NO RETURNS ACCEPTED!

Cover Bolts: 10
Ring Gear Bolts: 10
Height: 6.00 in.
Cover Material: Aluminum
Cover Finish: Cast
Filler Plug Included: No
Drain Plug Included: No
Aftermarket Main Cap Support: Yes
Gaskets Included: No
Bolts/Studs Included: Yes


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