PLX Kiwi 4 (For Apple, Android, & Windows Based Phones)

Kiwi 4 is more than a versatile OBD scan tool. Includes all the features and app compatibility of the Kiwi 3 with the following game changing new features.
  • 8 times faster than closest competitor with “Kiwi OBD” App utilizing AcceleratedPolling™ available for Apple and Android
  • Integrated Micro SD card for data logging and import into any spreadsheet
  • Integrated speaker with 4 audible warning/alert smart triggers
  • Built-in competition grade accelerometer. Your smartphone no longer needs to be permanently affixed with your vehicle to obtain lat/long Gs
  • Modes: Smartphone – for real-time interface with apps. Self-run – for persistent data logging without the need to connect to any smart device
  • Power consumption – uses ultra low power (0.2 W active / 0.05 W sleep) allowing you to leave your device installed permanently in your vehicle.
  • Cross platform compatibility – Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.
  • Vehicle compatibility – compatible with all cars and consumer trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996

*Micro SD card NOT included.


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Kiwi Support
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More than an just OBDII Scan Tool

Kiwi 4 is a plug and play automotive tool that connects to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDII / CAN), retrieves information from your car’s computer, and wirelessly transmits to your smart phone, tablet, smart watch, or PC. Two modes of operation are available on the Kiwi 4:

Smartphone mode behaves like the Kiwi 1/2/3 where a persistent connection with the smart device must be present. This mode enables real-time data to pass to and from the device enabling powerful OBDII apps like Kiwi OBD and other compatible 3rd party apps to be used.

Self-Run mode does not require a smart device to be present. Kiwi 4 can be configured to monitor up to 16 OBDII parameters so that data is automatically logged in CSV format with corresponding date/time stamps to micro SD card for download and analysis to any PC spreadsheet software.

Engineered to outperform all other OBDII devices. Kiwi 4 takes innovation to the next level with 3 powerful new features while retaining the same exterior dimension at only 0.68″ thin and the 100% backwards compatibility of the Kiwi 3.

Compatible with 1996 and later vehicles, simply plug Kiwi 4 in and download the Kiwi OBD app to configure your device to enable new features like audible warnings/alerts, data logging, lat/long acceleration without having to rely on permenantly affixing your smart device onto a ridgid surface.

Cross platform compatible Kiwi 4 is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Kiwi 4 allows for app developers to freely deploy without restrictions like the Apple Made for iPod (MFI) program. As a result, Kiwi 4 is a simple and straight forward making it highly developer friendly.

To ensure a superior user experience we partnered with the world’s most popular OBD app developers. Kiwi 4 is compatible with the best apps for diagnostics, performance, data logging, fuel efficiency, driving behavior, track, gauges and more!

* DashCommand NOT Recommended for Android 7.x (Nougat) and later

* Carista App offers 1-month FREE trial of all features in the (iPhone or Android)


Kiwi OBD (Available for Apple and Android)

Kiwi OBD for AppleKiwi OBD for Android

6 Apps in 1

Display up to 125 parameters in 6 preset modes (dashboard, engine, efficiency, trip, gear, and custom).

Engine Diagnosis and Monitoring

Depending on the app and the vehicle’s make and model Kiwi 4 can display:

Air flow (MAF)

Air intake temperature

Ambient air temperature

Barometric pressure

Catalytic converter temp

Coolant temperature

ECU voltage

Engine load

Engine timing

Evaporative purge

Fuel level

Fuel pressure

Intake pressure (MAP)

Long term fuel trims

OBD type

Oxygen sensor voltages


Short term fuel trims

Throttle position

Vehicle speed

And more …


Vehicle compatibility

*All cars and light trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 were required to be OBD II equipped. Click here to see full details regarding OBD2 compliant vehicles.

Color Display

White, Blue, Red, Green

Cable Length

5', 9'


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