PLX SM-AFR Wideband + MultiGauge Link Combo


Monitor your wideband with your smartphone. NEW wideband to smartphone adapter gives you greater, customizable options for your tuning needs. Patented.

  • Smartphone connection – Utilizing your smartphone as a gauges gives you all the advantages of previous setups with more screen size, more customization, and a flexible easy user interface.
  • Fast and accurate – PLX widebands employ PID critically damped technology, are individually tested, and are accurate to less than 0.1AFR.
  • Plays nice – Works with gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, LPG, Diesel, E85. 0-5V analog output interfaces with 3rd party ECU’s and data loggers.
  • Monitor sensor health – Proprietary IntelliHealth algorithm detects your sensor’s remaining life and reaction time.
  • Fully plug and play – Installation requires no manual calibration – simply install your sensor, connect the wire harness, and apply power.

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