Monster Clutches R Series Triple Disc Clutch – G8 GXP


Recommended Power Range:

1500-1800+ RWHP/RWTQ


Street ▢ Drag ✅ Road Race ✅ Drift ✅


Aggressive Chatter / Aggressive Pedal Effort


Nitrous ✅ Supercharger ✅ Turbocharger ✅

Stroker ▢ Bolt-ons ▢ Stock ▢


The R Series triple disc clutches are designed for extreme racing conditions, mainly drag racing, with the ability to hold ~2,000 rwhp/rwtq with no regard for daily driving characteristics in any way. While these are great for the extreme driving conditions we designed them for, these are not designed for a daily driven application. Why? Because this is a race clutch we built for racing. Can you drive it on the street? Sure, but please don’t call us complaining that it’s aggressive.

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