One quick, clean ZL1!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the world of LS powered vehicles, the 5th Gen Camaro ZL1 is considered by many to be the flagship vehicle. Touting a GM LSA 6.2L engine and being force fed via GM’s LSA 1.9L roots style blower, these cars are just a few mods away from being a sure bet at most street and track events. Now, outfit that same car with a one-off paint scheme and some skilled hands, and you have yourself a consistent 9 second beast that breaks necks at every pass.

Owner: Nick “Bert” Ingenito | Staten Island, NY | 2012 ZL1 Painted Super Sonic Blue

All it took was some friendly taunts of “You Won’t” to give Nick the push he didn’t really need to pull the trigger on purchasing his ZL1. He was already very interested in it when he found it available at Waterbury Chevy in Connecticut due to what seemed to be a great price for a very low mileage, LSA powered car–especially since the CarFax showed it was originally a manufacturer’s vehicle. It wasn’t until later that Nick found out that his car was the very same car GM used for promotional videos and photos and professional reviews for this GM powerhouse!

Some might learn this car’s past and decide to keep the car “original” for nostalgia’s sake. Not Nick! He’s an enthusiast, and a racer!

“I’ve loved cars for as long as I can remember. A lot of that is due to my father who has been in the automotive industry for almost 40 years as a technician.”

He quickly started tastefully modding his ZL1 to make it the version of itself he knew it could be. From swapping out the stock bump stick, to wrapping some WELD Racing wheels with some meaty Mickey Thompson tires for the hook, he set this car up for success, and he has consistent 9 second passes to prove it.


At The Track

Nick knows it’s not just about looking the part. This ZL1 puts down steam at the track! Sporting a custom grind Lunati cam (spec’d by none other than Rick Crawford from Rick Crawford Racing) this stock cube, stock blower LSA rockets this car from the tree to the trap at consistent 9.8x passes at upwards of 140mph.

Although Nick chose to leave the block and blower alone, make no mistake, there are quality parts all over this car. Which include, but are not limited to:

  • Rick Crawford Tuned (RCR)
  • FIC 1300 Injectors
  • CTS-V Fuel Pump w/Vaporworx Controller and JMS Boost-A-Pump
  • SSR (Sesame Street Racing) Custom 5″ Intake
  • Meth Injection Kit
  • DSX E85 Flex Fuel Kit
  • Speed Engineering Headers
  • GripTec / ATI Pulley Setup
  • WeaponX Heat Exchanger
  • PNR Welding Ice Tank
  • Circle D – RCR Spec’d Converter
  • BMR Suspension Parts
  • Strange Rear Coil-Overs
  • Weld S-71 Forged Racing wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber
  • Carlyle Rear Wilwood Brake Kit
  • Custom Exterior Paint by Rich Automotive (Bronx, NY)
  • Custom Under-Hood Paint by Charles Rosado (SSR)

Follow Nick: LSX_Bert (IG)


SSR Sesame Street Racing

Nick is not alone in his quest for all thing speed. Like many of us, he surrounds himself with like-minded people that tauntingly will us into our “bad decision.” Nick and his crew love their cars so much so, that they set out to find a garage of their own, a place they could work on their hobbies and spend their time, and they found it! With a name that started as a joke, “Sesame Street Racing” ended up becoming a who’s who in the North East. SSR is now associated with some of the fastest, most well built GM muscle cars in the area. Allured with exclusivity, people in the know were chomping at the bit to be among the ranks of the cars that were being built here. Nick and his crew even throw yearly barbecues and events just for the sake of having some meet and greets–maybe we will see you there sometime!